Ruslana Dvoichenkova

She was born in 1971.
In 2002-2005, she held a number of personal exhibitions in the cities of Rovaniemi and Helsinki (Finland), Tromsø and Oslo (Norway). She participated in the exhibition "Open-air. Etudes " in 2016.

She was born in the city of Zhytomyr in 1971.
After graduating the Yaroslavl School of Art, she had her artistic practice at the Drama Theatre in Yaroslavl, working on the creation of theatre costumes, landscapes and theatre interiors.
In 2001 she graduated the State Pedagogical University of St. Petersburg, the faculty of art and graphics. The theme of her diploma work was a series of watercolor landscapes dedicated to the northern nature and the city of Murmansk.
In 2002-2005 she had several personal exhibitions in Finland, in Norway. She worked on the design of the Norwegian embassy in Murmansk.
Now she lives and works in Moscow. Ruslana is involved into creative and educational activities, and every year she makes outdoor trips to the cities of Russia to paint. In December 2017 and January 2018 she took an active part in the open –air event in Catalonia.
In Moscow, the children's art studio "Watercolor", which is run by Ruslana Dvoichenkova, is widely known. Many graduates of the studio enter the leading art universities in Russia.
In 2018, she was awarded with gratitude of the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin for her many years of fruitful work in pedagogical activity.