Alexey Sokolov

graduated the Institute of I. Repin, a workshop of monumental painting under the guidance of the People's Artist, the Professor, a member of the Academy of Arts of the Russian Federation A. A. Mylnikov.

Alexei Sokolov was born in 1981 in St. Petersburg in a family of hereditary artists. His great-grandfather Konstantin Sokolov was a painter. Grandfather, Alexey Sokolov (professor of the Academy of Fine Arts) and his father, Leonid A. Sokolov are the Honored Artist of Russia.

A creative atmosphere that prevailed in the family of Alexei shaped the future love of art contributed to the development of interest in painting. In 1999 he entered the Academic Institute for Painting, Sculpture and Architecture named after Repin, (Russian Academy of Arts). His teachers were such famous artists as SN Repin, AK Bystrov, IG Urals, as well as Folk Artist, head of the monumental painting workshop the Academician AA Myl'nikov.
Alexei Sokolov completed his studies in 2005 at the Academy and after graduation he worked three more years of academic probation in the creative workshop of Mylnikov, where he created a series of works, which became the part of expositions of his personal exhibitions later.
In 2007 he was admitted to the Union of Artists.
Currently he teaches at the Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture named after Repin (Russian Academy of Arts). Creative interests of the author are extensive: he works in both easel painting and monumental art. One of the most striking and significant trends in the genre paintings of Sokolov is landscape. He refers in his works to the unique beauty of nature of Pushkinogorye that is associated with the most vivid impressions of his childhood.The Images of nature, embodied with enthusiasm and love are the most lyrical lines in the works of Alexei Sokolov.
2004- Personal exhibition. Center for Arts. S.P. Diaghilev.
2005- "Autumn Exhibition" St. Petersburg State University.
2005-Laureate of the St. Petersburg Municipal Music Grant Competition.
2006 - Autumn exhibition of the S-PBS.
2007- "7 years later". Exhibition Hall at the Academic Lyceum. B. V. Ioganson at the Institute. I.E. Repin.
2007-All-Russian Art Exhibition "Young Artists of Russia". Moscow, Central House of Artists.
2007-Fifth exhibition of young artists from the series "Hope". C-PBC.
2007- "Family in art" of the Russian Academy of Arts. The Institute. I.E.Repina, Italian Hall.
2008- Personal exhibition in the Museum of Decorative and Applied Art of the St. Petersburg Artistic and Industrial Academy named after. Stieglitz.
2008-Exhibition dedicated to the 75th anniversary of St.Petersburg Union of Artists. Central Exhibition Hall "Manezh".
2010 - "Faces of St. Petersburg" Petersburg Center for the Arts.
2010- "Parallel presence" of FGU "State Complex Congress Palace" Strelna.
2012 - Exhibition of 80 years of S-Pb SC. Central Exhibition Hall "Manezh".
2013- All-Russian Art Exhibition "Art Salon" Moscow. Central House of Artists.
2014 - Spring exhibition of teachers of the Academy of Fine Arts.
2014 - Art's new world. International fine art expo. Jungshan. China
2014 - Personal exhibition in the Museum of Art Studies. Moscow.
2015 - Residence of Diaodutai. Beijing. China.
2016 - an exhibition of teachers of the Academy of Fine Arts. St. Petersburg
2016 - 'Cheer bell gallery' Hong Kong.
2017 - "Spring Exhibition of Teachers" at the Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg.
2018 - "Spring Exhibition". Gallery Easel. Petersburg.