Irina Rybakova

The Honored Artist of the Russian Federation
The Member of the Union of Artists of the Russian Federation, a painter.
The Laureate of the national award in the field of contemporary fine and decorative art "Russian Gallery XXI Century" (2008),the Laureate of the "Reflection" award of the Russian Cultural Foundation (2008).

Irina Vladimirovna Rybakova was born in Tver region. After successful graduation from Kostroma secondary school, she entered the Art and Graphic Department of the Kostroma State Pedagogical Institute named after N.A. Nekrasov.She took an active part in various exhibitions as a student.
Since entering the institute, Irina is a regular participant in regional art exhibitions.
Irina Rybakova's personal exhibitions were held in Kostroma, Sudislavl, Sharya, Vyshny Volochok, Ivanovo, Yaroslavl, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Munich, Beijing.
A huge role in the formation of I. V. Rybakova as an artist was played by such outstanding painters as the Academician A. P. Levitin, the Academician N. V. Kolupaev, the Academician M. Yu. Kugach.
Irina Rybakova has repeatedly worked as a memeber of creative groups at the "Academic Dacha"
Irina Vladimirovna Rybakova is a member of the Board of the Kostroma regional branch of the Union of Artists of Russia in 2009-2010.
Since 2010 she has been a member of the Council for Exposition and Exhibition Activity of the Museums of the Region under the Administration of the Kostroma Region and a member of the jury of numerous regional and regional creative competitions in painting and arts and crafts.
Irina is the nominee for the Central Federal Okrug Award in the field of fine arts of 2010 and the nominee for the Kostroma Regional Prize. N. P. Schlein in the year of 2011.
The artist actively promotes the modern realistic school of painting in the media - on television and in periodicals.

I.V. Rybakova is a well-known master of landscape and genre painting. The world of the Russian village, the image of a simple rural worker, is closest to her. Picturesque works of the artist are permeated with love to Russian nature, to the motherland, to the sources of Russian character and culture. The motives, developed by Irina Vladimirovna, are close to the Russian Orthodox Church, which was the reason for the invitation of I. Rybakova to Rostov the Great to the open air under the auspices of the Russian Orthodox Church in October 2011.
She held the personal exhibition at the Russian National Cultural Center. St. Basil the Great in Moscow in January-February 2013.
The Works by Irina Rybakova are in collections of regional art museums. The artist's works were exhibited in the art galleries of Mexico, France, Britain, Germany, China.
Main awards:
2008 - the National Award of the Federation Council and the magazine "Russian Gallery XXI Century" in the field of fine and decorative and applied art; Award of the Russian Cultural Foundation "Reflection"; the diploma of the participant of an exhibition-competition "Reflection" of the Russian fund of culture, the Russian academy of arts, the Government of the Ivanovo area.
2009 - Diploma of the Union of Artists of Russia for success in creativity and promotion of the development of the fine arts of Russia.
2011 - Diploma of the laureate of the All-Russia Art Exhibition "Many-faced Russia", dedicated to the 1150th anniversary of the Russian statehood; thanks to the Academy of Management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (April); a letter of gratitude from the Administration of the City of Kostroma for holding a solo exhibition in the hall of T. and N. Shuvalov.
2012 - Diploma of the Union of Artists of Russia for success in creativity and promotion of the development of the fine arts of Russia;
a gold medal of the laureate and an honorary diploma of the International Fund "Cultural Heritage" for his mastery in painting;
a silver medal of the All-Russian Creative Public Organization "Union of Artists of Russia" "Spirituality. Traditions. Mastery "for merits in the field of fine arts;
Diploma of the winner of the All-Russian art exhibition-competition "The Image of the Motherland in the Creative Work of Artists" (Kostroma);
diplomas of the International Cultural Heritage Foundation, the N-Prospect gallery, the Castello di Boca gallery for participation in the XVI International Plein Air "Montenegro-2011" and the 17th International Plein Air "Montenegro-2012";
Diploma of the participant of the II International Plein Air "Green Noise" (Russia-Cyprus);
Diploma of the winner of the All-Russia art exhibition "Many-faced Russia".
2011, 2012, 2013 - diplomas on participation in international festivals-plein air in Florence (Italy)