Plein Air in Catalonia

Dec. 21, 2017 - Jan. 11, 2018

IIn the winter of 2018, a plenary session was held in Catalonia under the slogan "Catalonia through the eyes of Russian painters". The project was inspired by the architect Nikita Novikov and his partner Sergey Cherepanov. The aim of the plenary session is to get acquainted the famous Russian artists with the traditions, culture and architecture of Catalonia. As a result, almost 100 works were painted; everyone is the painter's own view of Catalonia. During the month-long creative plenary period, the artists did not part with their easels, paintings, pencils, canvases and albums. The Russian knights of realistic brush worked in the cities such as Besalu, Tordera, Figueras, Port Ligat, Blanes, Barcelona, Lloret de Mar and others. Catalonia with its bright colours, its ancient fortresses, its warmth, smell of the stormy sea, its beautiful and emotional people will remain forever in the memory of Russian painters.